Animals being bros.

The internet can be a sad place. To help raise positive spirits just in-time for the weekend, we're going to share some high quality examples of animals being bros. Come along for the ride.

1. Bird Bro

This bird likes to give his cat and dog friends some good food tweetment.

2. Cat Bro

You have to be kitten me right meow.

3. Dog Bro

After a ruff day this dog just wanted to go for a ride.

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4. Dolphin Bro

Believe it or not, this dolphin is letting the penguin ride him on porpoise.

5. Donkey Bro

This donkey helped his buddies haul their asses out of there.

6. Horse Bro

Hay, if I was being kicked in the side by someone repeatedly I'd help their dumbass up, too.

7. Lion, Tiger, And Bear Bros

After years of fighting with their bear hands, the animal kingdom ordered a brief cease fire.

8. Parrot Bro

While he looks like he was hitching a ride, the parrot was really just checking out the polly carbonate motorcycle.

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9. Raccoon Bro

It was an emotional wedding. Even the cake was in tiers.

10. Rooster Bro

The rooster eventually scored but they said there was a fowl.

Thanks for reading, bro.