Let's be real, drinking games are an American pastime. Whether you went to school for 4 years or just to a bonfire in the middle of nowhere one weekend with a friend, drinking games are a part of our DNA.

Drink responsibly and remember, don't just beat your opponent...embarrass them mercilessly. Cheers.

1. Boxing

This one's fairly simple. Get hammered. Don't puke. That's about it.

What you'll need:

- 2 or more players

- garbage bin (for vomit)

- dice

- liquor of your choosing


You'll need at least 2 people to play, from there it's a simple back and forth. Roll the die and whatever number you roll, that's how many shots you take. Then the next person rolls. The first person to toss their lunch (aka throw up in the garbage) loses the game. Isn't drinking fun?

2. Stump

Want a game that combines alcohol, woodworking, metal, and brute strength? Stump is the game for you.

What you'll need:

- a log

- hammer

- nails

- beer, lots of beer


You want to set up the log. Give yourself some space as you'll be throwing a hammer. Each player picks a nail, and hammers it into the log so the nail is standing on its own (just the tip.) 

One person starts by tossing the hammer 360 degrees in the air, catching it, and in the same motion hitting another player's nail.

If you hit a nail. That person drinks. If you pound the nail the entire way into the log, that person has to finish their drink and is eliminated from the game.

3. Flip Cup

The game is in the name.

What you'll need:

- typically 2 teams of 4

- red solo cups

- beer

- table


With each team standing across the table from one another, players on the same end start. Cups filled with about 2 inches of beer must be drank, placed on the edge of the table, then flipped. 

After the cup lands on its opening, the next player may begin drinking and so forth. First team to finish, wins.

4. Beer Ball

You might want to stretch before this one. You'll be running.

What you'll need:

- pong balls

- cans of beer

- table


Set up 4 full beer cans on each corner of the table. One player throws while their teammate drinks. If the thrower hits the opposite team's beer can, their teammate starts chugging. Once the opposite team retrieves the pong ball and sets it back on the table, the person chugging must stop.

The game alternates this way until one team finishes both beers.

Teammates can play defense by retrieving the ball and throwing it to their partner. 

If by chance you knock your opponents can off the table with the ball, they must add a full can to their side.

5. Chandelier

This game might sound classy, trust us...it's not.

What you'll need:

- red solo cups

- alcohol of your choosing

- pong ball

- table


Fill a center cup with the alcohol of your choosing. Each player fills their cup with about 2 inches of beer. Players take turns bouncing the pong ball in an attempt to make it in the center cup. 

If the ball lands in another player's cup, that player must drink and refill their cup. If it lands in the center cup, everyone must chug and play a round of flip cup. The loser of flip cup has to chug the center cup and refill it with whatever they are drinking.

WARNING: If someone is playing with wine and another is drinking beer, guess what? You're probably gonna mix some nasty stuff together.

The game continues until everyone is drunk. 

6. Power Hour

The perfect way to pregame or start the party.

What you'll need:

- shot glasses

- beer

- video/playlist


Not too complicated here. Any power hour should be set up and ready to go. Either video or song clips are edited down to one minute. After that minute is up, take a shot of beer. Fill your glass and repeat for an hour.

7. Kings (aka Ring of Fire)

If you're more of a card game person, Kings is right up your alley.

What you'll need:

- standard deck of cards

- full can of beer

- beer for drinking


Create a circle around a can of beer with the entire deck of cards lying face down. The first person flips a card and either drinks or follows the command based on the card.

Standard Commands:

Ace - Waterfall 

2 - You drink (pick someone)

3 - Me (I drink)

4 - Floor (touch the floor before everyone else)

5 - Guys (all guys drink)

6 - Chicks (all girls drink)

7 - Heaven (reach for the sky before everyone else)

8 - Date (choose someone who drinks every time you drink)

9 - Rhyme (One person chooses a word, everyone else has to rhyme it)

10 - Categories (I.E. cereals, horror movies, beer brands)

Jack - Never have I ever (3 fingers, loser drinks)

Queen - Questions (asking random questions until someone breaks)

King - Create a rule (either add on or replace existing rule)

Every time you flip a card, it must be placed under the tab of the beer can in the center. If you pop the tab, you have to finish the beer.

8. Case Race

Simple, yet effective

What you'll need:

- 30 rack of light beer (recommended)

- a friend


The person who finishes their case of beer first is the winner.

9. Cheers to the Governor

Counting to 21 has never been more difficult.

What you'll need

- a group of people

- a ton of booze


The goal is to count all the way to 21. Everyone goes around saying a number. When you get to 21, everyone drinks. The person who hits 21, gets to make up a new rule.

Most games use a start-off rule. For example "switch the number 5 and the number 17." That way you already have a handicap.

Each time you make it to 21, a new rule must be made. So the longer you play, the harder it gets. The game ends when you're good and toasty.

10. Baseball

Baseball combines beer pong and flip cup for those who want a little bit of both.

What you'll need:

- red solo cups

- pong balls

- basic knowledge of baseball (ah who are we kidding, you'll pick it up)


As complicated as this may look, it's literally the same rules as the game of baseball itself. Just like beer pong, 2 teams of 4 face off at opposite ends of the table. The 'batter' shoots the pong ball at the opponents cups. 

Cups represent hits. Single, double, triple, and home run respectively from closest to furthest away.

If you make the double cup, you go to the '2nd base' cup and so on and so forth.

The batter gets 3 opportunities (strikes) to make cup (get a hit.) 3 strikes is 1 out. 3 outs and the next team is up to bat. Outs can come from strike outs or by the opposing team catching a ball off of a cup.

Stealing bases can be done by challenging the opposing team to a game of flip cup.

The team who has the most points at the end of 9 'innings' wins.

11. Boat Race

Think flip cup without the flipping. This is basically a chugging contest.

What you'll need

- stein glasses/mugs (solo cups work as well)

- table

- alcoholics to join your team


Similar to flip cup, you'll need a team of about 4 people on each side of a long table. Opponents at one end begin by chugging their beer. Once finished, you must turn your glass over and the chug train continues. 

If playing with solo cups, the cup must go upside down on your head and remain there until the game is over. The first team to chug and finish every beer is the winner.

12. Quarters

An oldie but a goodie.

What you'll need:

- a quarter

- preferably a shot glass but a pint glass works too

- a friend to beat


Each person takes turns bouncing the quarter off of the table trying to shoot it into the glass. Whoever makes a shot first, gets to choose who drinks. Play until tipsy.

13. Dizzy Bat

Great for day-drinking and/or attending your friend's dumb kid's birthday.

What you'll need:

- plastic whiffle ball bat

- your favorite beer

- a friend to pitch


Cut the bottom nub off of the bat creating a small opening. Pour your choice of beer into the bat until fairly full. When you're ready, start chugging.

When you're finished put the bat down to the ground vertically and place your head down on the tip of the bat. Spin around the bat 10 times. Your pitcher will launch your empty beer can at you, and you must hit the beer can with the bat.

If you don't hit it, congratulations. You get to do all of this over again.

14. Beer Pong

The most popular and arguably most challenging drink game in the books.

What you'll need:

- long table, door, any flat surface really

- 2+ pong balls

- red solo cups

- an incredible teammate


Fill the cups with beer. Don't get stingy, fill them enough so the cups are weighted down. Form a triangle with the cups, point facing your opponents and back end at your edge of the table.

Each team takes turns shooting at the other's cups. If you make a shot, that cup gets taken away and must be drank. The goal is to eliminate all of your enemy's cups.


15. Edward 40 Hands

You've seen the classic Tim Burton film, now play the drinking game in your very own home!

What you'll need:

- duct tape

- 40oz beers (2 per person)


Duct tape the full 40s to each person's hands. The first person to drink all of each bottle wins, and gets to have free use of their hands.