It's a well-documented fact that director, Christopher Nolan isn't a fan of computer-generated imagery. The man hates CGI so much that he's gone to unbelievable lengths to avoid using the technology in his films. A huge shoutout to Trung Phan on Twitter for these clips.

Nolan planted a 500-acre cornfield for 'Interstellar.'

He built a massive spinning hallway for the Joseph Gordon-Levitt fight scene in 'Inception.'

Flipping the Joker's truck in 'The Dark Knight' was done by using TNT and a piston.

Nolan is frugal. In 'Tenet' it was cheaper to crash a real 747 than use CGI.

For 'The Dark Knight Rises' Nolan recieved government permission to drop a plane fuselage into the mountains.

In 'Dunkirk', Nolan used cardboard cutouts instead of CGI to replicate thousands of soldiers.

It's hard to deny that Christopher Nolan is one of the most exciting and original directors of our time. Especially with this kind of passion and tenacity for authenticity.