Shoutout to Redditor, u/NPT1506for posing the question "What is the worst human invention ever made?" on AskReddit. Obviously, we're all well aware of the truly apocalyptic hellscape that we currently inhabit. So of course the invention of things like mustard gas, chemical warfare, landmines, and leaded gasoline came up. 

But let's pretend the world isn't terrible. What shitty inventor should we roast for their godawful idea? Never fear, those are the answers we've compiled.

Un-skippable ads. u/Kevinmyval

Personal answer: HP printers. F**king piece of shit. -u/Unadulteredmilk 

Styrofoam is pretty abominable in my book, especially for things like takeout food that’s destined for the trash within minutes of use. u/togake

Single-ply toilet paper. Smh. u/GoldenPotaterr

Glitter. Such a horrible substance. -u/Oiggamed

Truck nuts. u/rwebberc

Packaging for scissors that require scissors to open. u/bananawamajama

Keeping up with the Kardashians. u/Healthy_Jackfruit888