She’ll set fire to the rain … and anyone who dares to ruin her live performances.

As this summer’s ongoing pop star attacks have left singers Ava Max and Bebe Rexha bruised, Lil Nas X with a (hopefully semen-free) sex toy and Pink with both human remains and a massive wheel of cheese, Adele has taken a stand against wily fans, offering a stark warning to any Daydreamers looking to sabotage her performances: Throw shit, get hit … with a flying t-shirt.

“Have you noticed how people are like forgetting fucking show etiquette in America, they’re just throwing shit on stage. Have you seen that?” she asked during a recent show in her “Weekends with Adele”' residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, a t-shirt gun posed menacingly in her hand.

"F---ing dare you, Dare you to throw something at me,” she quipped, firing off a tee into the sea of attendees. "Stop throwing things at people ... when you can shoot things.”

Beyond evidently forgetting that Nevada is, in fact, a concealed carry state, several fans flocked to social media, hyping up the “Someone Like You” artist’s unconventional methods for thwarting would-be attackers.

“Adele ready to turn someone into Maude Flanders,” joked @kaaitelise, referencing The Simpsons’ character’s death by t-shirt gun.

“Ball gown. T-shirt gun. Cussing like a sailor lmao my girl.” wrote @fonzfranc.

So take it from Adele – throw shit, get hit … and possibly a commemorative t-shirt.