BBC anchor Lukwesa Burak was presenting the nightly news when a programming mishap led to a candid on-camera moment, and a minute of on-air silence heard across the internet.

"Around the world and across the UK," Burak said, "This is BBC News." As the feed transitioned into a pre-recorded segment featuring a man playing the bagpipes, Burak stretched her arms into the air and sighed "Okay," right as the camera cut back to her. Realizing the mistake instantly, Burak held back a smile and remained silent for almost a full minute until her next segment. 

"Clearly the opt-out for UK viewers as international viewers had an ad break that didn’t work. Nice bagpipes though," broadcaster @scottygb commented.

"We've all had a rogue opts or tech gremlins," fellow BBC anchor Kasia Madera commented on the clip, "just not all of us would have handled it as professionally as the brilliant @LukwesaBurak."

"Love her even more for this," @ProfYelizPrior commented. 

Burak saw the humor in the clip as well and featured it on her own Twitter page. "Thank you, folks: Colleagues - present & former," she said, "and all you wonderful viewers. X." The clip has amassed over 10 million views on Twitter. Who knew that silence was more memorable than words?