Confirmed; romance is not dead (even if your boyfriend is.) Sarah Button, a 23-year-old from Australia, was attempting to board an Emirates flight while carrying her dead boyfriend's ashes in a special place...her butthole. A situation that she had to have known wasn't going to play out well, as she documented it on TikTok.


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According to the New York Post, security officials pulled Sarah and her friend aside. Assuming the sex toy was some sort of weapon, they were not amused by the joke and Sarah ended up calling her Dad to get assistance from the embassy in Australia. Fun stuff.

Sarah stated that her late boyfriend had given the plug to her as a gag gift at one point before he died. "It was initially a joke because he’d spent so much time in there and it was his favorite place."

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Now Sarah stores his ashes in her behind because she can "take him places we only ever dreamed of going", said the law student. Apparently, this isn't the first time she's flown with her extra carry-on.

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Anyway, after signing multiple documents, arguing with airport staff, and hours of waiting, Sarah and her friend were eventually let go. No word on if her buttplug- I mean boyfriend was allowed to join her.