After rushing 18 times for 105 yards in Sunday's win against the Atlanta Falcons, Washington running back Brian Robinson was showing off some postgame swag in the Commanders' locker room. Robinson's 'big hat' was the talk of Twitter, as he downplayed the massive accessory only stating,  "I'm helping promote one of my guys."

"He makes big hats, so if y'all want one let me know." The company is called NogginBoss, and they've even been featured on SharkTank. You can customize your own big hat, and the prices range from about $75-125.

Even though the SharkTank audience wasn't totally sold on NogginBoss, it's not keeping fans and celebs from getting their hands on these bad boys.

They're an acquired taste for sure, but if you're in the market for one, hit up Brian Robinson on Twitter. He's clearly got the hookup.