Remember back in 2015 when Burger King brought back their Black Whopper and it turned everyone's poop green? On purpose? Well, they've done it again, and by IT, I mean they've turned everyone's poop green... or black... or sometimes blue?

To celebrate Halloween Burger King has released their Scary Black Cherry Frozen Fanta Slushie with the slogan "Try it... if you dare." 

As people started reporting their spooky bowel movements to Burger King on Twitter, they had a response ready.

The reactions to the intestinal hijacking are ranging from bewilderment to celebration. 

In an even more bizarre (and very 2018) twist, Burger King even started promoting the tweet exchange between them and the soft-paper-that-you-wipe-your-butt-with-after-pooping-and-never-want-to-associate-with-food company. 

Well, I for one, am going to go grab one. Much like eating a bunch of beets, then forgetting you ate a bunch of beets, only to be shocked for a 3.5 seconds until you remember that you ate a bunch of beets... I hope to get to be scared shit-less by forgetting that I had one of these. It's not every day that a horror movie can play out right there in your bathroom thanks to a marketing team at a fast food company.