The Chicago White Sox weren’t the only ones who took a beating in their recent Crosstown Classic game against the Chicago Cubs.

A massive fight broke out among fans sitting in high-end box seats at the White Sox’s home field during the series opener on Tuesday, a full-on brawl complete with hair pulling, punching, and a nasty kick in the head.

“Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn!” cried an onlooker as the attendees went at it, a reaction echoed as the clip of the fight went viral on social media.

“Who’s genius idea was it to put Sox and Cubs fans in the same suite??” joked @JPAmann.

“The crosstown classic fights always deliver,” added @ChuckNaso.

But just as the Cubs beat the White Sox in a 7-3 victory, the winner of the fight was equally decisive, Twitter collectively handing the crown to a dude sitting a few rows back, who continued enjoying his ice cream snack as the drama unfolded before him.

“Buddy just enjoying the fight and some ice cream,” observed @TheRealFredLee.

“It’s the fan that just sits there eating his ice cream that makes this a winner to me,” commented @RentsTweets.

So take it from this box seat cage match — even the richest Chicago sports fans can and will brawl for their favorite Windy City team.