Despite lead actor Ezra Miller’s propensity for being a maniacally laughing cartoon villain incarnate, it seems DC is absolutely hellbent on making The Flash happen goddamnit, tapping a hero their menacing star neither needs *nor* deserves in attempting to earn even the slightest ROI — Michael Keaton’s Batman.

Yep, alongside detailing the controversial flick’s double-Flash plot — or as Twitter user @thefilmdrunk so aptly described it, “Hawaii’s greatest fear” — DC pulled out all the stops during the trailer’s premiere on Sunday, February 12, dedicating a significant chunk of the clip’s 45-second Super Bowl runtime to Keaton’s Bruce Wayne badassery.

Prominently featuring clips of Keaton’s iconic character amid cuts of notable menace Miller, the trailer banked it all on Batman, a method that as Jared Leto could probably tell you, does not work.

Though Miller has addressed their laundry list of allegations, including assault, burglary, grooming minors and smelling like literal shit — “I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment," they told People last August — it seems neither their apology nor the resurrection of a beloved ‘80s Batman may be enough to sway audiences.

Beyond questioning the public safety logistics surrounding Miller’s presence at The Flash-related events and questioning the suspicious ways this movie has managed to not die, fans pondered whether Keaton’s return was worth it, considering the *real* cost of the upcoming movie.

“Ezra Miller was allowed to hold a kid hostage for this shit lol,” wrote @Boringstein, referencing an instance from last year in which the actor was accused of housing a 25-year-old mother and her three children in unsafe conditions… either that or the claims that Miller groomed and brainwashed a teenage girl, it’s hard to keep up.

DC, it’s not too late to take the more ethical — and profitable — route with this. If you can release the Snyder cut, you can release a 20-minute context-free Michael Keaton supercut, goddamnit — or whatever damning video footage Ezra Miller must have of your executives committing homicide.