It’s gotta be hard to be a cop — you want to shoot everything, but society says you can’t! What a conundrum!

Obviously, that hasn’t stopped our boys in blue from getting a little too excited with their firearms. For example, there was that cop who unloaded into a car while screaming “I’M HIT” after he heard the sound of an acorn. There was also that off-duty cop who shot his neighbor’s dog after it went into his yard. And just while we’re on the topic of cops, let’s not forget the one who drove into a building and then tried to arrest the building owner. Thank you for your service!

Because of the cognitive dissonance between “I want to shoot my gun” and “I become a news story when I shoot my gun,” cops spend the majority of their days on edge, itching like a dude who hasn’t got a fix waiting for his next bag. Well, one cop thought he was about to get that fix — and almost blew a hole through a home run ball.

At a Baltimore Orioles game, Anthony Santander hit a home run that landed right in front of a cop. As the ball bounced, it hit the officer — to which he responded by briefly reaching for his firearm.

Thankfully, his “don’t become the reason a protest happens” sense soon took over, and he managed to avoid blasting the ball (and all the people around him). Let’s just hope he keeps that same mentality on the streets next time he gets bumped into or hears a loud noise.