The only thing that can stop a bad guy on the run? A PIT maneuver for the ages.

Earlier this month, a pair of cops in Thurston County, Washington, found themselves pulling a page from Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious handbook, trapping a driver with a classic PIt maneuver after a high-speed chase.

While tensions between the authorities were heightened from the get-go, the pair allegedly pulling over a 29-year-old man who they suspected may have been intoxicated, things took a turn for the OJ Simpson after the allegedly tipsy driver headed back behind the wheel, sending the officers in hot pursuit.

After several moments of tearing down highways and remote country roads, one of the officers finally saw their chance, doing their damnedest to get in front of the speeding car. The allegedly drunk driver quickly spun out, their car nearly toppling over into what appeared to be an adjacent forest as the other officer pulled over.

“Good PIT,” a voice could be heard over the officer’s radio.

Yet their work was far from over. Clearly under the influence of too many racing flicks — and probably some other things — the driver decided to up the ante of his getaway, speeding backward down a highway while another officer tried to catch him. Though it looked as though he may have made it, these hopes were short-lived, the car backing straight into a parked camper.

“We got him blocked in!” the officer said as he pulled his squad car up to his vehicle.

While the guy was ultimately arrested in connection with the incident, we can only hope he’ll look into a career in stunt driving once he’s out of jail.