Ivana Knoll, supermodel and Qatar World Cup's "hottest fan" was approached by security and told to stop taking photos with other fans. Knoll has been dressing in sultry outfits throughout her stay in the country and has become an internet sensation for her scantily clad photo shoots with fellow soccer fans.

While a huge Croatia fan, Knolls was dressed in red and white colors to support their win against Brazil when asked to stop posing for so many photos.

"They don’t allow the fans to take photos with me or pose for photos down here on the railing. I then asked them why they were so rude," she said.

The security told her that she would have to "cover-up" if she was going to continue to attend the soccer games. Visitors in Qatar are expected to respect the local dress code and "avoid excessively revealing clothing in public." Part of that dress code is to wear clothing that covers your knees and shoulders.

"It’s really great. No one has ever told me to cover up. Everyone wants photos with me, even the locals. Only on Twitter was there a negative reaction from a Qatari. But he probably just wanted attention," Knolls said before she was reprimanded by security.

We'll have to wait and see if she's another one added to the list of people thrown in prison or gets off easy. Cover your shoulders next time!