Where do you go as an actor who has already portrayed one of the most famous characters in contemporary literature? Daniel Radcliffe not only portrayed the boy who lived, but he embodied the character of Harry Potter. He grew up with him and as him. So how does an actor break free from being typecast or always recognized for the same role? For Radcliffe it seems simple. Say "F**k it."

The actor is making waves in his latest role as legendary comedic musician and parody master, Weird Al Yankovic. The trailer for the film just dropped this week, and whispers of Academy glory are already being heard.

Yeah, this looks insane. In the best way possible. But let's not act like this is Radcliffe's first foray into weird and arguably experimental roles. Have we all forgotten back in 2007, Radcliffe starred in the West End revival of the play Equus. At age 17, Radcliffe caused a stir as the play calls for slight nudity on stage, but he wanted to stay true to the script.

Fast-forward to 2013 for his performance in the sci-fi/supernatural/comedy Horns. Radcliffe's character basically gets taken over by the Devil after his girlfriend's mysterious death.

He's even dabbled in the horror genre. He starred in the 2012 thriller, The Woman in Black based on the play by the same name.

The list goes on and on, but perhaps his greatest ally in "not staying Harry Potter" is his willingness to try new and different things. No matter what other people, critics, or fans might think.

The proof is in the pudding. And Daniel Radcliffe is far from finished. We can't wait to see what this dude has up his sleeve next.