Though one driver may have pulled into a roadside gas station to fill up his tank, he got a whole lot more than just fuel, witnessing a massive pickup truck crash into several pumps .. and bring down the entire Speedway canopy in the process.

On Sunday, New Mexico-based influencer @extrezionx headed to TikTok with a harrowing glimpse at his recent day on the open road.

@extrezionx Eyewitness to a gas car crash...hours ago #car #crash #dashcam ♬ original sound - EX

While he may have initially been dismissive during his drive —“I don’t really give a f—k, right now,” he said behind the wheel while discussing another topic  — his apparent apathy soon turned to horror after a truck appeared seemingly out of nowhere and destroyed an entire gas station in mere seconds.

“Oh my f—king god!” the TikToker yelled, his dashcam still rolling. “What the f—k?”

Despite this extensive damage, it appears no one was seriously injured in the ordeal.

“We got the lady out with minor issues,”@extrezionx explained in a follow-up post. “Volunteer fire dept. and police eventually showed up. I gave my statement and left.”

We can only hope that the driver in question will glean an important lesson from this ordeal — it’s a gas station, not a destruction station.