While the United States is considering banning the platform, other countries have fully embraced TikTok.

Nations around the world now run their own TikTok pages, though admittedly many of those pages are boring. A strong exception to that statement is Romania, who recently took to their official TikTok account to post a video of an elderly woman using a weed wacker. Yes, really.


♬ original sound - Romania

Why did they do this? I have no idea. They didn’t caption the video, either, so we’re all just left wondering why the nation of Romania opted to post this clip of an old woman using a weed wacker. Then again, the video currently has over two million views, so maybe we’re the dumb ones for questioning it.

Traditionally, grass in the area is cut with a scythe, as the nation has demonstrated in numerous other videos on the page.

@romania Who needs a lawnmower when you have a scythe? This girl is taking grass-cutting to a whole new level! Ever tried an old-school method like this? Tag a friend who'd love this or would totally fail at it! @madalina.belbe #fyp #viral #oldschool #scythe #gardening #DIY #trending #nature ♬ sonido original - ❤️ROMÂNI DE PRETUTINDENI

@romania Could you do it? 90 years old and still making the youngsters look like amateurs. In a tucked-away corner of Romania, where time seemed to have frozen in a poignant dance with tradition, I stumbled upon a living testament to the indomitable spirit of life. A grandma, a matriarch in the heart of her village, carving poetry with a scythe in her “batatura,” the courtyard that cradled generations of stories. This wasn’t just about cutting grass; it was an ode to survival etched in every swing of the weathered scythe. An elderly woman, a silhouette against the backdrop of rolling hills and rustic charm, maneuvering a tool almost as ancient as her. The rhythmic cadence of the blade carving through the grass sang a ballad of resilience that transcended the boundaries of time. It was as if the scythe itself held the secrets of a thousand lifetimes, whispered through the hands of those who had faced hardship head-on. In the heart of Romanian villages, where the air is heavy with the tales of survival and shared history, the elders cultivate more than just crops. Our grandma, with her face etched in lines of laughter and wisdom, was a guardian of a fading dialect – the language of resilience, of grit. The scythe, a silent protagonist in this tale, became a bridge connecting the elderly to the present, a tool passed down like an heirloom, carrying the weight of memories in its worn blade. As she honed that blade with a special stone and cleaned it with freshly cut grass, it wasn’t just about maintaining a tool; it was a ritual, a communion with a way of life that had weathered storms and stood resilient against the test of time. Video by @smulteamiron [Visit Romania, Explore Romania, Old village woman, Scythe, Grass cutting, Yard work, Stone sharpening, Traditional tools, Rural life, Agricultural tasks, Manual labor, Homestead, Elderly woman, Handcrafted tools, Grass maintenance, Sharpening stone, Village lifestyle, Sustenance farming, Outdoor chores, Time-honored practices, Rural community, Harvesting traditions] #Travel #InstaTravel #TravelGram #Wanderlust #Traveling #romania ♬ original sound - Romania

As you can see, the weed wacker is clearly an upgrade. Who else wants to book a trip to Romania?