Meet the dynamic duo of Brittany and Jackson Mahomes, the wife and the brother respectively of Kansas City Chiefs' Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Both have become their own brand of celebrity even though neither have any real talent to speak of. But when you're rich by association I guess that's all that matters.

Let's take a deep dive into the world of the Mahomes tagalongs.

Jackson Mahomes Water Bottle Incident

On September 19th, 2021 the Ravens defeated the Chiefs by a score of 36 to 35. In the aftermath of the crushing loss, Jackson clearly couldn't handle some of the trash talk coming from a few Ravens' fans below his box. He proceeded to pour water all over the fans in disgust.

Brittany Mahomes Spraying Champagne

While celebrating the Chiefs' Divisional Round overtime win against the Bills last January, Brittany took it upon herself to spray the crowd from her ivory tower with an entire bottle of champagne. Sounds harmless, but this is also late January in Kansas City with below freezing temperatures.

Even weirder was the way she responded. As if she knew she did something wrong.

Imagine thinking just because your husband is who is he, that you get to act like a petulant child. I digress.

Jackson Dances on Sean Taylor's Number

2021 was a busy year for Brittany and Jackson. On October 17th, the now Washington Commanders retired the late Sean Taylor's number 21. In 2007 Sean Taylor was shot and killed by home intruders. On a day that was supposed to be about remembrance, Jackson Mahomes made it about himself. He proceeded to dance overtop of Taylor's number which had been blocked off and painted onto the field. He then posted the video to TikTok for some internet clout.

This was followed by another cringeworthy response.

"We were directed to stand in that area," claimed Jackson.

Jackson Calls Out Kansas City Bar

In December of 2021, Jackson took to his Instagram stories to blast a local bar/restaurant, SOTKC. According to the restaurant, Jackson tried walking in with a very large party which they could not accommodate. That's when Mahomes took to social media.

Given his massive following, of course the post went viral. The bar in question had no choice but to respond, and respond they did.

This goes so far past insecurity, and well into playing the victim.

Brittany's Racist Tweets Resurfaced

By now it's pretty clear that whatever gets posted on the internet will always come back to haunt you. Such was the case when Brittany and Patrick were engaged. An internet sleuth did some digging and found these pretty absurd tweets from Brittany's account.

But again, I guess being associated with a star quarterback allows you to get away with these kinds of things.

Jackson Grabs Woman's Face in Kiss Attempt

Jackson was again caught on camera, this time in an attempt to kiss a 'fan.' In the clip, you can hear the group of friends saying "It's her birthday." The woman seemingly just wanted a picture but got a bit more than she bargained for when Jackson came in for a kiss. Yikes.

@nflmemes_tiktok Jackson Mahomes out here committing sexual assault ‍?? #JacksonMahomes #Chiefs #NFL #Football #SuperBowl #FYP #ForYouPage ? original sound - NFL MEMES


Impertinent, entitled, insufferable. And guess what? We get two weeks filled with Mahomes content leading up to the Super Bowl. Can't Wait.