Help! Have you seen these children?

Recently, the FBI announced that it was dealing with a unique issue. No, it’s not the problems associated with trying to turn mentally ill children into terrorists — instead, it’s attempting to figure out which group of kids just robbed a Houston bank.

According to CBS Houston affiliate KHOU, these three tots entered a Wells Fargo branch, demanded the teller hand over money under the threat of violence, then walked out with the cash. We don’t know how much they got away with, but it’s certainly more than anyone was expecting from a literal child.

Quickly, internet users began to roast pretty much everyone involved in the situation. The bank was made fun of for not being able to stop a robbery committed by children, while the FBI was mocked for being unable to solve a crime performed by an age group that’s famously bad at covering their tracks.

In fact, the only people who made it out of this situation unscathed were the kids themselves, who the internet collectively decided were pretty fucking cool.

Eventually, these kids were caught, and their ages were revealed to be 11, 12 and 16 (yeah, you really should have been able to handle this one faster, FBI). The kids will doubtless be charged with some sort of crime, but I’m with the internet here in saying they should be able to keep some of the money. Gotta do something with that $11 billion budget!