Physical media lives on! Thanks to, video cassettes and DVDs are finding new life. The organization came to fruition in 2018, with the first-ever FreeBlockbuster box opening in 2019. The idea is simple: Take a movie, leave a movie. Just like those nerds do at the free library boxes.

Looking for a movie you haven't seen in a while? Upset because no streaming service has the specific film you're looking for? Fighting with your significant other over what to watch? Check out your local FreeBlockbuster box!

Even cooler is you can open your own FreeClockbuster. Obviously the craftier you are the better, but some of these boxes are literally made out of old newspaper stands. That's the beauty of this organization. Some people have used furniture, and some have used mailboxes. It's all about how creative you choose to get. 

It's a great way to give back to your community and bring a little nostalgia back into people's lives. Some folks have even created personal accounts for their store's location like this one in Maine.

Looking to put together your own FreeBlockbuster box? Supplies including stickers, stencils, magnets, and logos are available on the organization's website.