"They did surgery on a grape?" Well, now they did a C-section on a big dumpling. 

A video is going around of a new "gimmick food" where a waiter cuts open a giant dumpling, only to reveal a number of smaller dumplings inside. 

“This woulda disappointed the hell out of me after seeing this” tweeted @bornakang who reposted the video to Twitter.

Back in 2019, @hereiamja tweeted, “Dumplings imply the existence of a large dumple.” And now, four years later, it turns out they were correct. 

Most importantly, though, where are they serving this dumple?

After a very intensive search through London restaurants and zooming into plate logos, the momma dumple is actually a dish from a Georgian restaurant called Tavaduri. The dish, which is actually called khinkali, is an exaggerated form of a traditional Georgian dumpling.

The presentation is priceless but you can’t show me a huge dumple and expect me to eat the dumpling babies. In front of her?!