Meet Gale, or should I use her stage name; Aunt Gale. She's the baddie with the Addy. Gale is sweeping social media with her dope-a** swag, and bars to back it up. With over 35K followers on Instagram, it's safe to say Aunt Gale isn't just some no-name poser.

The bong-ripping, glock-toting auntie has been - and I quote - "Smoking dead people since 1954." We have literally no idea what that means, but we're here for the energy.

In her latest track 'Waddup', Aunt Gale goes in with some sick bars. One verse includes the line "Yeah I ride strapped, I ain't talkin' buckled up." Needless to say, the song goes pretty hard.

The video has 20K views alone on YouTube and over 40K on Twitter. Aunt Gale is in it for the long haul.

At one point she had over 97,000 followers until Instagram banned her account at the time; GangstaGale.

It's clear Gale isn't playing around. Now if we could only get an 8 Mile inspired rap battle between her and the 'Chin Up High' girl, we'd be totally set. 

If you are looking to see the infamous Aunt Gale live, she's playing in Columbus, OH this coming weekend at XO nightlife. Be sure to get your tickets ASAP, because I'm guessing it's gonna be a packed house for the one and only FreeBandGale.