Meet French professional basketball player, Steeve Ho You Fat. Ho You Fat is making waves on the internet after a Betclic Élite league game was broadcast last night. Ho You Fat's team, Metropolitans 92 was taking on NBA G League Ignite, when he attempted a three-pointer.

Yes, indeed, Ho You Fat is the man's name. And it has taken over as the best name in sports, not to mention his must-have jersey for any basketball fan. The star himself acknowledged the attention he is now getting, posting to his Instagram stories after the game.

Reactions quickly began pouring in.

For those unaware, He Hate Me was a legendary nickname for XFL running back, Rod Smart. Back when the XFL let you choose the name you wanted on the back of the jersey.

Speaking of legendary names, how could we forget Ha'Sean Treshon Clinton-Dix, otherwise known as HaHa Clinton-Dix.

All of that is to say, no matter how his basketball career turns out, Steeve Ho You Fat is already a sports legend. Hang his jersey right up there next to Hingle McCringleberry's.