Does the presidential motorcade have to be that big? President Joe Biden came to New York this week and it inconvenienced a lot of people’s days. Namely, @goblininfluencer who decided to go to Free People on a break from work. The people were not freed.

While Biden was out in midtown, buildings closed down and did not allow patrons to leave per Secret Service orders.


let me out sleepy joe

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“If you think about it, I am a political prisoner. I demand to be released,” @goblininfluencer captioned her TikTok. Amongst the flowy bohemian dresses and linen pants, people crowd over to the window waiting to be freed.

The video which has over 300k views brought together the angry New Yorkers whose days were much more stressful with Biden on the streets.

@whoolian Biden at The Lobster Club #nyc #foryoupage #fyp ♬ original sound - NahmSay’N

“2 1/2 hours to get from Brooklyn to the upper east side today,” recounts one user.

“My sister got stuck in an Uber because Joe was having a picnic in central park,” said one commenter. 

@miiamii22 Delivery driver who had almost finish crossing shoved off his bike to make way for joe bidden #fyp #joebiden #newyork #nypd ♬ original sound - Miami

Another video was released of a delivery driver riding on the bike lane not realizing he is heading towards the start of the president’s motorcade. A traffic officer roughly pushes him down.

I’m all for keeping Joe nice and safe (I’m not trying to get our website monitored by the FBI again) But New York is a delicate system that if you throw one thing off, the rest goes to shit.

Release the political prisoners who were just trying to spend 80 bucks on a cotton blouse! Let the man deliver the Sweetgreen bowl to the sad corporate worker!