Pedro Pascal sees your thirsty tweets and mentions, and he agrees. "I am your cool slutty daddy", said the actor who now has some heavy-hitting roles under his belt. The star of HBO's newest series The Last of Us has been busy working on titles such as Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian, Wonder Woman 1984, and Narcos, just to name a few.

But it's not just this Hollywood hunk's disheveled demeanor that has people crawling out of the woodwork. The internet isn't getting any less thirsty after the actor was interviewed on HBO's red carpet premiere.

Pascal has been leaning into the daddy stereotype for a while now. In a separate interview with Vanity Fair, the actor stated, "Daddy is a state of mind."

@vanityfair "Daddy is a state of mind." -Pedro Pascal, 2022. #LieDetector ? Daddy is a state of mind - Vanity Fair

The clip only fed the fire even more.

Pedro Pascal, however, is not an actual father. The actor has yet to settle down and have kids of his own. With a schedule as busy as his, perhaps he's just fine for now letting the internet call him daddy.