While no Detroit Lions fan was thrilled that their team lost to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, one member of Lions’ Nation was particularly pissed, taking his anger out on his television set.

“All you do is play punt!” the Barry Sanders jersey-clad fan yelled inches from the screen, his fist shaking with every word. “You know what the f–k to do, you’re an f—king idiot! You’re an idiot!”

After inexplicably opening his front door and briefly storming off into the other room, the pissed-off fan headed back for more, continually reducing Detroit’s finest to his apparent favorite insult, f–king idiots.

“Goddamnit!” he continued. “No wonder why you don’t f—king play! That’s why you play f—king punt.”

While his pals began giggling at his major meltdown, the fan continued his reign of terror, placing his head in his hands before storming out yet again.

But hey, as Lions fans have been saying since the Super Bowl began — there’s always next year.