Adin Ross announced yesterday that he is quitting streaming and social media for good following multiple incidents of viewers sending him naked photos of his sister during streams. “This is not an April Fools,” Ross assured his fans on April 2nd. “I’ve been getting ‘canceled’ lately," the controversial streamer said. “The internet is such a negative place, it’s such a negative space.”

During one of Ross’ recent Kick streams, a viewer tricked him into playing a video of what he thought was a falling tree limb, before rick-rolling him with an explicit photo of someone Ross assumed to be his sister, Naomi.

Naomi Ross - who is an Instagram and OnlyFans model - was not the woman in the photo, which had apparently been edited to look like her.

Adin and Naomi talked about the situation together on Ross’ stream, where the question of why Adin took his time looking at the photo come up. “Dude was actually analyzing the pic,” one Twitter user commented. “I knew it wasn’t you because it’s gonna sound sick if I say” Ross said. “Because how?” she asked. “You’ve seen me naked?” Ross goes on to say, “If I was not your brother I would marry you.”

It’s unlikely that Ross will stay away from streaming for too long, as he recently signed the alleged “single biggest streaming deal of all time” to move from Twitch to Kick. One would assume that money requires streaming to collect. His YouTube channel has already posted three videos since the announcement.

As for being “canceled” and facing the internet’s negativity, he may need to look no further than the mirror to find out why. Adin Ross is a certified piece of trash, and we hope he stays offline.