SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for ‘The Flash.’

Days after Ezra Miller shocked fans, foes, and the entire state of Hawaii after making a miraculously crime-free appearance at The Flash premiere on Monday, June 12, several images from the DC Studios’ flick began making the rounds on social media, boldly posing the question of “THIS is what we let an alleged kidnapper, choker and notoriously malodorous villain free for?”

Allegedly depicting Nicolas Cage and the late Christoper Reeve reprising their Superman roles, among other actors, the leaked images have since been largely removed from social media under copyright restrictions, yet the internet, as they tend not to, has not forgotten just how horrible – and arguably disrespectful – The Flash just may be.

“Unreal that everyone involved in this movie looked at this and went: “Okay.” Absolutely grotesque,” mused Twitter user @strangeharbors in their viral post.

“Idgaf about spoilers; assuming this is real, this is fucking evil,” added @JeffMovieMan.

Though fans will have to wait until Friday, June 16 to see just how bad The Flash is for themselves, one thing is certain – it’s going to take a superhuman feat to make this ever-controversial flick redeemable with DC fans.