Pete Davidson's dating record is well-documented at this point. It's safe to say that even though he may not be the most conventionally attractive man, his comedic charm and well-endowed appendages more than make up for his lack of looks.

However, it's still not that far-fetched to say that Davidson has totally out-kicked his coverage when it comes to the women he's bagged. From Kim Kardashian to Ariana Grande. From Emily Ratajkowski to Kate Beckinsale. His roster is just as deep as it is talented.

Enter Jenna Ortega. The 20-year-old actress gained 10 million Instagram followers in the first 10 days since the release of her new Netflix series Wednesday. With her sudden and drastic spike in interest, the internet was quick to suggest the inevitable. When will Pete Davidson make his move?

Needless to say, Jenna Ortega fans want the actress to avoid Davidson at all costs. Thankfully Pete seems to be preoccupied at the moment with the latest fling, Emily Ratajkowski. But who knows? The Devil works hard, but Pete Davidson works harder.