Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a big ayahuasca guy. He's openly talked multiple times about his experiences with the plant-based psychedelic, and how he may not be done taking the psychoactive drink. However, theories surrounding a dark entity known as 'The Hat Man' have begun surfacing in relation to Rodgers' trips.

Who is The Hat Man?

The hat man is a dark entity that visits people in their sleep, also referred to as a sleep paralysis demon, the hat man can arrive immediately when you fall asleep, while you're sleeping, or as you're waking. 

Some people have claimed to have seen the hat man after taking too much Benadryl. As someone who gets terrible seasonal allergies, I can at the very least confirm that Benadryl in large doses will get you high, and in some cases make you hallucinate, though I've never seen the Hat Man myself. 

The entity is said to stand over top of you as you sleep, watching you, just giving off his evil aura. The legend of the hat man is also said to be the basis for Freddy Krueger and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Ayahuasca and The Hat Man

The drink has many positive effects including spiritual healing, and rebirth, and is a therapeutic remedy for depression often leading people to ego death. Although the long-lasting negative effects aren't well-documented, drinking ayahuasca has been known to cause psychological and emotional distress.

So is it possible that Aaron Rodgers was followed by the hat man? Given the hallucinogenic nature of ayahuasca, and the distress factor of the drink, absolutely. According to Rodgers, his Peruvian ayahuasca trip lasted 3-days, so it's entirely possible that he had an interaction with the hat man.