This isn't the first ludicrous (pun fully intended) Vin Diesel video to make us scratch our heads, and I'm certain it won't be the last. In a recent interview with Variety, Diesel was asked about how he's holding up after so many of these 'Fast' films. To which he replied, "There's a reason why Tolkien stopped writing after a while. It's so hard to continue writing mythologies."

Oh, okay. I guess we're gonna go there?

"This is the Lord of the Rings of action movies - it's so true." I mean wow. No, just no. Has there been a resurgence of the Fast franchise? Absolutely. After the untimely passing of star, Paul Walker the series easily could've gone the way of the Kid Rock 'blockbuster' Biker Boyz.

It's fair to say that the only reason for the series' recent spike in interest is that millennials are so far gone that they'll do anything to grab that first movie feeling again. Nostalgia-core is a very real thing. Even long-time director, Justin Lin saw the writing on the wall and stepped down from the most recent installment, Fast X.

But sure, let's equate street racing to one of the greatest epics ever told, Lord of the Rings. I'm not even a Tolkien fan and I can see plain as day how ridiculous Diesel sounds. The family-oriented actor could've said his Guardians of the Galaxy and the MCU are the LOTR of action movies. I still would've laughed in his face, but it would've been more realistic than the Fast franchise.

Story aside. Just look at this cinematography. In many ways it's unmatched. But Dom Toretto and crew don't even come close.

I love and respect Vin Diesel as much as the next guy. But we can also call him out for being a massive dork, and having a totally insane opinion on this subject. Fast X is set to be released this coming May.