The iconic actress has deleted a photo of her Pollack chairs that she added to her office. The chairs were from the set of the Golden Globe nominated film, Everything Everywhere All at Once. But the chairs aren't what got the internet talking this morning.

A painting in the background of the photo began to steal the spotlight. Once Twitter realized that the painting seemingly depicted a naked child stuffed into a suitcase, there were more questions than answers.

To make the story even more cryptic, Curtis deleted the entire Instagram post shortly after it went live. She also mentions in the caption that the photo was taken in the Comet Pictures office, a production company that she owns.

We did however find the original photo. The picture was taken by photographer and filmmaker, Betsy Schneider. It is entitled The Tub, 2003 and is a part of her Sweet is the Swamp series. Why Jamie Lee Curtis has it framed on her wall remains a mystery.