One Twitch streamer’s giveaway ended slightly more disastrously than usual on Friday, after an event hosted by Twitch streamer Kai Cenat at New York City’s Union Square Park devolved into a full-fledged riot — and the influencer police custody.

On Friday, thousands of Cenat’s fans headed to the Manhattan park, where the creator promised an all-caps “HUGE GIVEAWAY” complete with PlayStation5 Consoles, gaming chairs, microphones and other gamer boy items for his gamer boy fans. Though it’s unclear how many the streaming star planned on doling out, the mere promise of high-tech merch sent his real-life band followers into a frenzy.

By 3:30 p.m., roughly 30 minutes before the event was set to start, things took a turn for the rowdy, attendees tossing garbage at police officers, yeeting traffic cones, forcibly removing traffic barriers, climbing atop cars and all-out brawling as they waited for the giveaway to commence.

For several particularly unlucky fans, their attempt at nabbing some sick freebies resulted in them nabbing charges, the event ending with "numerous" arrests, according to authorities, noting that Cenat himself was also in custody. It’s unclear whether the creator himself was counted among the bookings or was merely detained.

So take it from these thousands of thwarted fans — nothing, not even a free microphone, is worth an ass-whooping.