In a bizarre bit of WTF news, a story out of Brazil about a man who ignored warnings from hospital staff, brought his gun into an MRI facility, and wound up dead.

Leandro Mathias de Novaes, a lawyer and gun enthusiast, had taken his mom in for an MRI scan in São Paulo, Brazil when he failed to heed warnings to remove all metal objects. Aside from hospital staff, there are also signs with warnings and precautions on them near magnetized equipment such as MRI machines.

Mr. Mathias decided to ignore the warnings and kept his gun which was in his waistband.  The Machine ripped the gun from his belt causing it to fire, striking him in the stomach. A spokesperson from the MRI facility said that both Novaes and his mother signed a release form regarding safety protocols, but Mr. Mathias failed to mention he had his handgun with him and entered the unit “by his own decision.”  He would remain in critical condition for 3 weeks before succumbing to his injuries.

It may sound like hindsight or be overtly obvious, but this is just one sad example of why it is important to listen to warnings and follow rules and regulations when dealing with any kind of equipment or machinery you aren't familiar with.