It's clear that M3GAN is a hit with critics, as the just-released horror thriller currently has a 98% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. Compared to that of The Godfather, supposedly "one of the greatest movies ever made" with a critic's score of 97%, if M3GAN's score holds, we might just have a new all-time best movie on our hands. 

The critics have spoken and here's what M3GAN brings to the table after the first watch. Peter Travers of ABC News states, "Move over Chucky, here’s the killer robot doll thriller we’ve been waiting for. This jolt of fun and fright stars a sensational Allison Williams as the inventor of a babysitting android with a bloody flaw that makes M3GAN the first banger hit of 2023."

Adam Graham of Detroit News says, "M3GAN is part Child's Play, part Terminator, and all fun."

Izzy Ampil of BuzzFeed says, "M3GAN’s plot is functional, and its thrills are solid, but its sense of humor is uniquely vibrant, both weirder and funnier than expected even after months of hype."

I think we've made our point. Who has fun watching The Godfather anyway? At least M3GAN didn't take three whole movies to tell its story. No contest, M3GAN is the better film.