There’s a time and a place for everything. For example, if you want to film in your car, you should probably be in the passenger seat — or at the very least, be parked.

One would think that this would be common knowledge. However, as the internet proves, it’s really not. Over the years, we’ve seen numerous idiots wreck their cars while filming themselves behind the wheel. Now, it brings us only slight pleasure to announce that it’s happened again.

Driving and recording at the same time isn't a good idea
byu/Grand-Court-3498 inActualPublicFreakouts

The video starts out simple enough: a man is filming himself throwing various hand signs while listening to rap music, the beloved pastime of white dudes around the world. All the while, he’s just flooring it in his car, reaching speeds of over 100 mph.

Unfortunately for him, things quickly take a turn for the worse. It’s unclear what caused him to lose control of the vehicle, but rapidly, his “vibes” video becomes what will inevitably be evidence in his upcoming court appearance. His car launches off the side of the road and crashes into some nearby woods — and after it does, he’s apprehended by a police officer.

This all goes to show that crime doesn’t pay — especially when the crime is idiotic.