Move over, anime body pillows – the Krusty Krab’s finest cashier is coming for your gig as Reddit’s latest viral waifu.

Over the past several years, Redditor u/1nkonceivable has gotten quite candid about her unlikely romance with SpongeBob SquarePants’ Squidward Tentacles, one that transcended two decades and their respective statuses as a real-life human and a fictitious octopus.

Twenty years ago, I first saw Squidward. Maybe it wasn’t love at first sight, but there was a spark,” she wrote in a 2019 post on r/waifuism, a subreddit dedicated to those in love with fictitious characters. 

“I certainly had no idea where we would be 20 years later. I still feel that same spark when I look into his eyes, but now I also feel the comfort and contentment of having him in my life all these years.”

Citing Squidward’s “interest in the arts” and his signature “serious personality,” u/1nkonceivable said she was head over heels within a matter of months.

“Since then, he’s inspired me to play the clarinet, take up dance, get into public speaking, and given me the stamina to make lasting friends on and offline.”

Though u/1nkonceivable had been professing her love for the fictional character for many years, sharing lookbooks based on the cartoon and even playing the newlywed game,  her adoration for Squidward quickly went viral on Twitter after user @powcampsurvivor  posted several screengrabs of the unlikely couple.

“Nothing short of queen behavior,” they quipped.

We know kink-shaming is wrong, but she isn't making it easy.