It's no secret that baseball fans are less than thrilled with MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred. Whether that malice has stemmed from the Astros cheating scandal in 2017, checking pitchers for illegal substances at every inning break, or just Manfred's general ignorance toward growing the sport. The nicest way of putting is the man is out of touch with the game of baseball.

However last night during game 5 of the World Series, Manfred got some due comeuppance. While sitting in a box conveniently mere feet away from the commissioner, one fan jumped at the chance to become an internet legend.

Obviously redditors sent in their votes, typing with the ferocity of a young child trying to reach Santa Clause before Christmas eve. But there could only be one top comment.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Rob Manfred has been under fire for quite some time now about the MLB network/app. The streaming platform will blackout games seemingly at random if the games are broadcast locally in your specific region. We're also all aware that baseball should be about the kids, and the future, and growing the game. Manfred is clueless when it comes to this part of his job. So this entire sentence was beautifully constructed. Then came the delivery.

Man, I love the internet.