Let's get one thing straight, just because you're an athlete who makes millions of dollars doesn't mean the basic rules of society don't apply to you. *COUGH* Anthony Bass *COUGH* *COUGH.* Although if you ask the Toronto Blue Jays' pitcher, he'd probably tell you otherwise. 

Bass tweeted the above post after his daughter made an absolute mess of her popcorn on a United Airlines flight. Instead of helping his pregnant wife or - you know - cleaning it up himself, Anthony Bass decided to take the entitled route and snap a photo blaming the airline staff. Twitter was quick to come to United's defense. Do you realize how badly you have to f*ck up for the internet to take the side of an airline company?

Bass then doubled down on his original opinion, stating the 'the crew' should be responsible for cleaning up his child's mess.

After Bass was done blaming everybody else, and taking zero responsibility for his own child, he and his wife Sydney thought it would be super funny to 'troll' the internet with one last photo.

Hilarious. Congrats on being the most insufferable parents on the internet. You win.