Kick has officially banned N3on from the platform, according to Dexerto, after the streamer, while on a ride-along with public menace and New York street racer Squeeze Benz, filmed his driver crashing into a car on the freeway before fleeing the scene. The two were allegedly behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Urus and N3on demanded Benz drop him off somewhere as he "wasn't safe on the street." 

N3on, who first gained online clout for staging his own beat down by a fan, was just last week locked away in a Dubai jail cell for 37 hours after he was caught filming in places that weren't permitted, might soon be heading back to the slammer. 

The 19 year old, whose real name is Rangesh Mutama, reminds me of the old saying, "There's being stupid, and then there is being a live-streamer." 

Popular streamer NEON involved in a hit and run while livestreaming
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