Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ has officially taken over America as a viral TikTok video out of Atlanta shows a group of T-Swift fans piling into a train car after a show, much to one woman’s displeasure.

TikTok user @dalparoni’s video, which has nearly over 9 million views, shows the train car pulling to the Marta station where hundreds of tired Swifties are waiting on the platform.

“When the Taylor Swift concert ends when you're on your way home,” @dalpharoni captioned the video. Ominous music scores the background as the people inside brace in preparation.

@dapharoni #erastour #swifties #taylorswift #marta ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs - Skittlegirl Sound

One woman dressed in black pleaded for the girlies through the window to wait and she has since become a meme on Twitter for it.

Hordes of white women in sparkly Eras tour attire stampede into the train. There's so much push and shoving among the women, you can hear one say “This is the worst experience of my life.”

Another Wwiftie says “Imma start being mean to people,” as she holds on to her friend's arm (the concert buddy system is serious).

The scene evoked fear from many commenters on TikTok.

“I'm having a panic attack just watching it,” says one person. “This is giving sorority recruitment hell welcome video” replied another.

On Twitter, people reiterated the horror aspects saying, “This is scarier than any horror movie ever made.”

“Scarier than the subway scene in Scream 6, the subway scene in Jason takes Manhattan, and the entirety of Train to Busan COMBINED,” replies one Twitter user.

Public transportation after concerts is always a mess and as the Eras tour makes its way around the U.S. prepare for the stampede coming to a stadium train stop near you.