One college professor found himself inadvertently tossing a master class on f—king around and finding out into a recent lecture, shutting down a few clout-hungry students who attempted to turn his classroom into their own personal TikTok studio.

“Nope!” the professor yelled as the students tried to storm the lecture hall stage. “Nope! Get down.”

Though the students surprisingly obliged the professor’s request, instead taking to the stairs to film their video, the secondhand embarrassment was still palpable, as several Redditors on r/ImTheMainCharacter noted.

“This is who people are referring to when they say ‘the world needs ditch diggers too,” wrote u/MberrysDream, while u/Static_Carnage denounced the ordeal as “mega cringe.”  

“I can’t even believe I just watched this,” they added.

Moral of the story? Mess with a professor and you’ll most definitely get schooled.