You’d think that we’d be done with clowns by now. After the killer clown panic of 2016, the release of both It movies, and the continuing cultural fascination with the Joker, “funny man isn’t very funny after all” now feels like a trope invoked solely by those whose sense of scary is stuck in the sixth grade.

As much as it may seem like that, though, there are some who just can’t let go of creepy clowning. One such person can be found in New York City’s Times Square, where he spends his free time flexing his pecs and almost showing his wang.

In a video posted to Reddit’s NYC subreddit, user forthunt shows a muscular man wearing a beanie, hoodie, sweatpants, and naturally, a clown mask. As Boogie Down Productions’ track “My Philosophy” plays, the man bumps his pecs while moving from the left to the right. After a few seconds, he waves at the cameraman.

According to Redditors based in New York (greatest city in the world, baby!), this man is a local fixture. “He’s been doing this for years it’s insane,” wrote a commenter. “Official start of the summer was when you saw this guy in chaps… official end was when he put on these pants,” added another. “That guy been jerking off to his own reflexion flashing pubes for at least 15 years or more!!!!” exclaimed a third.

Some claimed that his typical outfit was more extreme than what can be seen in this video. “During the warmer months he is virtually naked. He’s an exhibitionist gone a bit too far, and I wouldn’t talk to him honestly,” stated one Redditor in the know.

If you’re in the New York City area and want to say hi to this dude, commenters say that he typically hangs out near the Times Square H&M. Fair warning: He usually doesn’t say much, though one commenter claimed he spoke after someone offered him weed. If you’re in NYC and trying to make your life a little more interesting, bring this man a joint to share — or, for even better results in the long term, maybe just consider leaving New York City.