Comic/rumored Martha Stewart admirer Pete Davidson found himself at odds with the controversial animal rights nonprofit PETA, leaving the organization a scathing voicemail for higher-up Daphna Nachminovitch.

Their feud began on Monday, June 5, after Nachminovitch, who serves as the organization’s Senior VP of Cruelty Investigations, took to TMZ to share her disdain surrounding Davidson’s alleged decision to buy a pet cavapoo from a breeder rather than adopt an animal from a shelter.

"It's tragic that Pete didn’t seek out a borough-born mutt from a city animal shelter, because a scrappy New Yorker with charm, personality, and unconventional handsomeness could have been his perfect match,” she told the outlet.

Despite the Saturday Night Live alum’s penchant for staying off of social media, Davidson evidently saw Nachminovitch’s comments, tracking down her number and leaving her a profanity-filled voicemail for the ages.

“Thank you so much for making comments publicly that I didn’t adopt a dog,” he said in the message, obtained by TMZ, elaborating that he is “severely allergic to dogs” and therefore has “to get a specific breed.”

“I’m only not allergic to cavapoos and those type of dogs and my mom’s fucking dog who’s 2 years old, died a week prior and we’re all so sad so I had to get a specific dog,” he continued, imploring Nachminovitch to “do your research before you fuckin’ create news stories for people because you’re a boring tired.”

He concluded his voicemail with a powerful message for the Animal Rights exec – “Fuck you and suck my dick!”