Last year, the City of New York announced a proposal that would make it impossible to buy good pizza in the city.

Well, not really, but that’s certainly how some people took the news. Basically, Mayor Eric Adams announced proposed regulations that would require restaurants with wood- and coal-fire ovens that were installed before 2016 to reduce their emissions. This doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be able to keep using them, but that they would have to figure out a way to curb the emissions produced by them, per CNN.

This, admittedly, could be costly, but so are the medical bills of the minimum-wage workers who breathe in wood-fire smoke all day. In short, the end goal is good, even if getting there is going to take a little bit of work and cost that building owners in one of the world’s most expensive cities can certainly manage.

Anyway, all of this hubbub caused a man to throw pizza at city hall.

Proving that liberals aren’t the only ones who do obnoxious protests, Scott LoBaido is a conservative activist who describes himself as a “relentless patriot.” This patriotism doesn’t take the role of, I don’t know, joining the Army, but instead producing passable paintings of American flags, eagles and more American flags.

Ever since this regulation was proposed, and since the media stopped caring about his mediocre Trump paintings, LoBaido has decided to capture headlines by buying cheap pizza and throwing it at various government institutions. This proves a point, he says, though it’s not exactly clear what, as wood- and coal-fired pizza ovens are, again, not banned in the city, and the regulation isn’t in effect yet.

Even for those who supported his original message in favor of these ovens, people are getting sick of his shit. LoBaido was recently arrested for “littering” after attempting his pizza stunt again. Next time, just eat it.