It was an eventful Kentucky Derby for rap artist, Jack Harlow who was seen hanging out with fellow musician Drake for most of the race. However, Harlow has the internet up in arms after video (tweeted from the official Kentucky Derby account) surfaced of him being carried over the mud by two black men so as not to get his shoes dirty.

Yikes. To say that's not a good look would be a wild understatement. Needless to say, you can't (nor should you) write this stuff.

The internet had a field day, as it tends to do.

And listen, let's not act like Jack Harlow is some sort of prodigal son. He literally didn't do anything to make that Fergie sample better in any way.

SHEESH! It looks really, really bad. Because it IS really, really bad. Add Jack Harlow to the list of white dudes with really punchable faces. Right next to Jared Leto and Machine Gun Kelly who both enjoy hitting on underage girls. 

Here's an idea. Stop worshipping white dudes who don't give a f**k about anyone but themselves.

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