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We've suspected it for a long, long time but science can finally confirm: dudes like nips. 

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A two-part study conducted at the State University of New York at Oswego examined how heterosexual male participants reacted to and perceived women from two sets of images - one group with erect nipples and another without. Participants rated the photographs - which obscured the women's faces to ensure participants were only rating nipples - on various scales, including negative and positive perceptions.

Unsurprisingly, men projected "sexier" emotions onto the more erect nipples. Nips flying full mast also correlated directly with how altruistic the men felt towards the woman, particularly in hypothetical scenarios that might bring them into close contact with her. On the flip side, female participants tended to want nothing to do with ladies who had poppin' jazzhats.

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Sure, they're only here out of the goodness of their hearts.

All of that is burying the real lede here, which is that apparently, the study required the photos (nips) to be rated by an independent panel of raters who scored the pics (nips) on their individual levels of erectness. I'm imagining a scale that goes from "Hidin' Out" to "Cuttin' Glass."

It should also be noted that all the women whose photos were used were "young women with attractive bodies." The real takeaway here is that there are people out there who were f**ing PAID to look at beautiful women's nipples and it's painfully unfair that no one reached out to us about this job. We'd happily volunteer free of charge to help... for science!

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