Why don’t people eat while they’re taking a shower? Well, for many reasons of course, but up until now, the only acceptable meal to eat in a shower has been an orange. And one man is on a mission to change that.

Twitter user Gaz has been chronicling his journey of eating food in the shower and he’s currently on day 44 of his shower meal saga.  

“I'm often in a rush in the morning,” he said, “so this was very convenient.” Forty-four days into his experiment, Gaz has eaten a giant gummy worm, crab legs, and a plate of curry chicken, which he dropped, shattering at his feet. Most recently, Gaz reviewed a pickle and peanut butter sandwich, which he reluctantly gave a 10/10 rating.

“I'm ashamed to admit I genuinely enjoyed this and will be eating it again in the future,” he said. But that’s not even the craziest cuisine Gaz has sampled in the sprinkler. A giant sour gummy worm, Takis, Coco Puffs, and the highly requested cotton candy stick have all been swallowed and scored.

Gaz’s series has inspired dozens of other accounts to rate shower foods, but none of them do it quite like he does. “I'm happy I've inspired so many to do Shower Food Reviews,” he tweeted, “but this is getting strange.”

Gaz’s cotton candy review has more than 10 million views, and his series only continues to grow. A recent poll of his followers revealed that a majority of them never want him to stop testing grub in the tub. “I have been trying to convince friends, family, and coworkers for years that shower snacks are amazing,” one fan wrote. “Everyone thinks I’m crazy.”

As long as Gaz doesn’t trip, choke, or electrocute himself with a toaster, it looks like you shower-eating freaks will get to keep on following your favorite series. As for me, the only thing I’m taking into the shower is an ice-cold beer.