After 15 years of Spike Tv, the channel is getting a long overdue makeover. The channel will from here on out be known as the 'Paramount Network' and the person who runs Spikes Twitter feed is less than happy about it. Or maybe it's just a marketing campaign to bring whatever attention they can to the lonely channel. 

Last night, whoever runs Spikes Twitter started to get real. It all began with this Tweet. 

And right they were because afterward came of a slue of real ass Tweets. And the fact that these Tweets have not been deleted and that whoever has access to their Twitter hasn't been shut out leads us to believe this is all a marketing campaign to garner attention for the new branding. However there a number of funny tweets we think you'd appreciate. 

At first, it seemed like Spike being trolled by their own employee's who were pissed about the rebranding and who were using their last days on the job to make fun of their company, but alas it does not seem to be the case. And so Spike, or Paramount Network, whoever we're talking to, we only have one thing to say, you have disappointed us for the last time and we hope you don't take COPS off the air, please.