Though Taylor Swift and anti-menthol spokesman Matty Healy may have only been rumored to be an item for roughly two weeks now, some fans already have “Bad Blood” with The 1975 frontman.

Over the past several days, Swifties have taken to the singer’s subreddit, r/TaylorSwift, to air their grievances with the pair’s “Love Story,” citing the British-born singer’s accusations of racism, sexism and anti-semitism as proof that much unlike Swift’s 2008 hit, she most certainly does NOT belong with him.

“A lot of fans criticized Joe Alwyn for being “low-key”, “safe” and “boring,” wrote one Redditor advising that fans “be careful” what they “wish for…”

“Taylor girl I am begging you to go to therapy,” added another user, while a third joked that Swifties should start referring to Healy as “problematty.”

This clever nickname isn’t necessarily unwarranted. Over the past several years, Healy has frequently found himself in the hot seat for his controversial comments, including a now-very-ironic 2016 diatribe detailing just how much he’d dislike dating his alleged current flame, Swift.

According to , who profiled Healy for a Q Magazine feature on the musician, he has this to say in 2016 when asked about the rumors that he was dating Taylor Swift: “Fucking hell I am not being Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. You know, FUCK. THAT. That’s also a man thing, a de-masculinating, emasculating thing." 

While he later walked back this statement in an open letter alleging his comments were taken out of context, per Vox, this was far from an isolated incident. This year alone, Healy has found himself at the center of a few media firestorms stemming from a few instances of allegedly inappropriate behavior.

Back in January, Healy was accused of performing a Nazi salute during a live performance while singing a lyric that referenced artist/notable anti-Semite, Kanye West. He had said the salute was done in a satirical way. 

The following month, he sparked controversy for his appearance on ‘The Adam Friedland Show,’ in which he appeared to laugh along with several racially insensitive remarks and encouraged the podcast’s eponymous host to mock Japanese accents. The offending episode was ultimately removed from both Spotify and Apple podcasts, per BuzzFeed.

But hey, at least if/when Swift and Healy eventually call it quits, we can honestly say we knew he was trouble when he walked in.